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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. "deflate-gate" is deflating itself. new england patriots other than robert kraft is in the bay area
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and says the team won't put up a fight. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. robert kraft is accepting the punishment handed down by the nfl commissioner. kpix 5's lisa chan with what some are calling a surprise decision by mr. kraft. >> reporter: 32 nfl team owners arrived in san francisco at the ritz-carlton for their spring meeting. but all eyes are on patriots owner robert kraft. >> it's been an emotionally charged couple of weeks. >> reporter: that's because about one week ago, nfl commissioner roger goodell suspended patriots quarterback tom brady for four games fined the team $1 million and took away two draft picks. this after allegations that two team staffers deflated footballs to make them easier to grip in january's afc championship game. >> there was no hard evidence and everything was circumstantial. and at the same time, when the discipline came out, i felt it
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was way over the top as it was unreasonable and unprecedented in my opinion. >> reporter: the scandal is now referred to as "deflate-gate," and the once strong relationship between kraft and goodell is said to be strained. but kraft says he is moving on. >> although i might disagree with what is decided, i do have respect for the commissioner and believe he is doing of what he perceives is in the best of the full 32. >> reporter: keeping the full 32 in mind, he says he will reluctantly accept the penalty and will not repeal because he wants to keep the partnership and nfl strong. >> know that a lot of patriots fans are going to be disappointed in that decision. but i hope that they trust my judgment and know that i really feel that at this point in time
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that taking this off the agenda, this is the best thing for the new england patriots, our fans and the nfl. >> reporter: kraft only spoke for about five minutes and said he would normally take questions but today he wouldn't because he didn't want to continue this discussion anymore. in san francisco, lisa chan, kpix 5. >> the nfl owners meeting wraps up in san francisco tomorrow with the raiders and the chargers possibly on the agenda, as well. another big step towards building an nfl stadium in los angeles. new at noon, a deal closed for the land in the city of carson that would allow a lease agreement between the city and a stadium authority. the idea is to build an nfl stadium in carson for the san diego chargers and the oakland raiders. new at noon, the high-end call girl accused in the heroin overdose death of a google executive has been sentenced to jail. 27-year-old alix tichelman pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter this morning. she was sentenced to 6 years in
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the county jail. police say tichelman injected forrest hayes with heroin while the two were on his yacht in 2013. a fire at a building in san jose early this morning turned even more dangerous when firefighters got there. kpix 5's reporter kiet do explains why hazmat crews had to join the fight, as well. >> reporter: and we are right here at the scene of this fire and we don't really want to get any closer because you go around the corner from this building and the fumes hit you like a wall. now, this is the front of the building of haro's metal finishing at 439 reynolds circle near zanker road and 101. this has sustained most of the damage. you can see and smell why they were keeping it so far away for so long. the fire still off-gassing the air thick with acrid fumes that will burn your throat if you get too close. there was also a small lake of toxic chemicals of runoff from the fire hoses. it started at 12:30 with commercial businesses inside. the section of the building
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that cut fire had 55-gallon drums filled with chemicals. when the firefighters arrived giant flames were through the roof and quickly went to four alarms. they sprayed four massive streams of water on it for more than an hour. that worked to knock down the flames but created another big problem. green foamy runoff that pooled into a small lake. they don't know exactly what's inside that water. but initial testing shows that it was very acidic. firefighters are blocking the storm drains to keep it from going into the creeks and the bay. san jose fire says it was a tough call but had no choice but to douse this fire with water and not let it burn itself out. >> we're not comfortable with that option due to the other businesses and the potential that, you know, the smoke could become increasingly hazardous at that point. so, this was the best choice. we were well aware that we could potentially have a contaminated pool afterwards. >> reporter: and the cause of this fire is still under investigation. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. small visible flare still burning today at an oil refinery in the east bay last
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night a big orange flame billowed into the air. contra costa county says it's hydrogen burning off from an unplanned shutdown and not a public safety threat. today the refinery said it's running the burnoff in an environmentally approved manner. pacifica beach-goers will no longer have to plug their noses from a decomposing whale scent. heavy equipment brought in from san francisco is burying two rotting whale carcasses right now and with it goes the smell. a big hole in the sand has been dug out where the whale remains will be placed. the beached whales have been rotting on the shore for weeks. >> the recommended thing is to let nature take its course. but that takes a few months. and we're approaching the summertime. it will be warmer. and we have just had way took citizen complaints about the odor. >> some people say the stench carried two miles inland by coastal winds. san francisco city leaders are investing more money to
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fire an emergency medical services [ indiscernible ] with a new [ indiscernible ] on treasure island. mayor lee says it's important to create a place where residents and businesses can feel safe. >> we need to make sure the emergency services are here intact ready to go and i want to thank everybody here for making sure that happens. >> mayor says his plans are under way to give emergency medical services. more than 120 courthouses across california are at risk of partial collapse in an earthquake including more than a dozen in the bay area. the state says the buildings are in category 5. that means they would have such extensive damage that there would be a probable loss of life. 124 courthouses, many sitting on or near earthquake faults, are under the designation. >> partial collapse of the building, partial collapse means literally walls falling on people trapping them killing them. >> a judge who helped traffic
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facilities for the state judicial council says the $65 million a year allocated for maintenance is inadequate. barely enough to fix broken elevators and leaky roofs. the buildings at risk include four in alameda county, two in contra costa, three in san mateo, and one in napa. there are also two in solano county, one in sonoma, and two in santa cruz. today voters in one east bay district will decide who goes to the state senate. the two candidates both democrats assemblywoman susan bonilla of concord and mayor steve glazer of orinda. they have been waging a bitter expensive runoff campaign. outside groups have spent about $7 million on the race in just the past two months. chamber of commerce says bonilla is too close to organized labor but opponents say he poses a threat to unions. people in dublin are doing a good job saving water and the city says keep it up. they are holding a public meeting tonight to talk about
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ways residents can continue to cut back. ideas include keeping the emergency drought regulations in place through february of next year. and offering more incentives for those residents who are saving. the san jose city council will vote this month on giving themselves and the mayor a pay raise. here's the proposal. for the mayor, his salary would go up 9.7% from $114,000 to $125,000 a year. for the 10 councilmembers, they would get a boost of 13.6%, from $81,000 to $92,000 a year. more controversy surrounding hillary clinton and her use of private emails. her republican opponents say she used a second private email account while she was secretary of state. mary hall has the story. >> reporter: hillary clinton hosted a discussion on small business at a bicycle shop in cedar falls. as the democratic front-runner continues her campaign swing through iowa, aides are denying
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the latest accusations from the republican national committee that clinton used not one but two private email accounts to conduct state department business. clinton has admitted to using one private email account for personal and state affairs saying it was easier for her to carry just one device. her campaign aides say a second email address was only created after she left the state department because a website published her original address. >> the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. >> reporter: even with the email controversy back in the headlines, clinton's iowa hosts say she is connecting with voters. >> she really eliminated the distance between herself and us and we felt like, um, here was somebody who was listening to us. >> prevent the implementation -- >> reporter: but clinton's press events are few and far between and republicans have noticed. >> how can you run for president of the united states and never be asked a question? > >> reporter: for clinton's 55,000 pages of emails, the state department says they are still under review and will not
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be released until next january just weeks before the first presidential primary. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> clinton has admitted to deleting thousands of personal emails but says she wants the rest to be released to the public as soon as possible. it's a kid-friendly app with some very grownup videos. the inappropriate programming on youtube kids. >> and home improvement doesn't take any experts anymore, just the internet. how to save money by doing it yourself. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good afternoon, everybody! it is cloudy. it is gray. it is drizzly. it is cool just about everywhere now how all these conditions will affect your holiday weekend as the news continues
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trending now more and more americans are taking on home improvement projects for themselves. with the growing number of do it yourself videos online calling the local repairman is becoming thing of the past. >> reporter: paul's dishwasher needed repairing. >> my wife said it wasn't draining right. that means i have to do it. >> reporter: so the self- proclaimed unhandyman went online. >> i'm going to take the rack off first. >> reporter: and found a do-it- yourself video. >> step by step of how the video was showing how to dismantle it. >> why not call a handyman? >> because i figured the time cost-effective for me it was much easier for me to do it. >> reporter: millions are now doing the same thing. and then he turned to these two. >> we are going to talk about how to repair these. >> reporter: these childhood friends started making their own diy videos including the one that helped paul. >> we're not appliance repair guys. we have had these problems ourselves. we figured them out.
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and then we make a video on how to fix it. . >> reporter: their videos have gotten over a million youtube hits. why do you think people are responding so well to your videos and these kinds of videos in general? >> people are looking to save money and also have that sense of accomplishments. >> reporter: and people are saving money by not having to hire a handyman. the commerce department says american spending on appliance repairs is down 25% in the past 10 years. >> you can put your fingers through the cement. >> reporter: when the brick around his house needed repair, costello first called a professional. >> one estimate was $7,000. >> reporter: so he once again went to the video and did it himself. how much did it cost you? >> a bag of cement and a tool. >> reporter: and he used the money he saved for a family trip. cbs news, weather watcher, pennsylvania. >> i just did that actually had a headlight now the my honda and it was an obscure thing that you had to dig down. i said how do you do this?
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right on youtube how do you change a headlight in a 2008 crv. it took two minutes and i figured it out. >> is the light working yet? >> no. some of the big projects turn into bigger projects if you don't know what you're doing of. >> that's what i'm afraid of but they seem to know what they're talking about. youtube has a new kids app and it may be safe for children. some parents say they found videos inappropriate with sex and drug use on the app. they want google investigated. they say they make the videos family-friendly and filter the videos. the tfc is looking into it. time for a look at the forecast. it's a little soupy out there, roberta. are we going to clear up? >> people are getting nervous about the weather as the holiday approaches! hi, everybody. let's go ahead and take a look and just see how soupy it is outside, how far inland that marine layer extends.
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let's go there. that's 64 degrees. hi there, kathy munch. she reports plenty of cloud cover there. 64 degrees in sebastopol. this one is 68 degrees paul smith. paul reports he has some sunshine there. thanks for that, paul, because it gives us a good indication that that marine layer stops right there around the brentwood and antioch area. let's see how it is in san francisco right now. this is coit tower and we are under cloud cover, gray skies. it's really a gray slate out there. we have some drizzle stillle with a 3,000-foot-deep marine layer. temperatures uniform into the 50s as a result. a few low 60s where we are seeing some partly sunny skies now in concord with the southwest wind at 13 miles per hour. for this afternoon the clouds linger around the entire bay area except for the far reaches of the inland areas. below average temperatures as a direct result. we are still keeping rain chances in the thursday and evening early friday morning
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forecast. see that right there? that's a disturbance. that's spilling some rain showers into the high sierra and the yosemite area. kind of working its way in throughout the back door and some of those showers are producing thunderstorms. meanwhile, the pattern is stuck for us. we have the low clouds, the patchy fog, some very aggressive marine layer continuing to push onshore with the west wind 10 to 20. and as that marine air shoves inland, it's keeping us all on the cool side. i really wanted to look ahead with our futurecast. here we are tonight. here we are on wednesday. you see we have some scattered showers in the far north bay. otherwise, i want to see how this affects us for thursday and you will notice hit and miss scattered very light rain showers amounting to about .10" of precipitation or less. so just enough to wet the pavement but bring it. we can use it. there's that thunderstorm possibility in the greater lake tahoe area through yosemite. otherwise, sunset tonight 8:16. gray tomorrow morning. temperatures meanwhile in the 50s and 60s.
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concord, san jose, livermore, temperatures are 10 degrees below average. here's the extended forecast. what you see today you get again on wednesday and then that area of low pressure pushes through on thursday and as it does it will scour out the marine layer but it brings us cloud cover and that chance of light rain showers would clear out for the weekend and monday. we want you to become one of our weather watcher. just like kathy munch and just like paul smith and you can tell me if it's sunny in your neighborhood. i need those extra eyes out there. i can see where the clouds are on the satellite but i can't tell neighborhood by neighborhood. >> you keep adding more people to the list. that's good. >> so excited! [ laughter ] walmart workers got a raise last month. now the giant retailer's feeling the pinch. what's happening on wall street. that is coming up next. >> and we're down to our last two nights of david letterman. tonight on the show, bill murray and bob dylan. catch it right here after a kpix 5 news at 11.
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this is not ice cream. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man in san fran. this is not san fran. this is not a tall man it's pam and dan. this is not an ice cream cone it's a frozen custard cone. and this is not ice cream,
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it's extra thick and creamy frozen custard... ...a different kind of delicious. new from dreyer's. nestle, good food, good life. the artichoke capital of the world is right here in
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california. that's castroville. >> it is. and they are in season now. here's tony tantillo on how to shop for a delicious artichoke. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be with artichokes central coast artichokes. they are wonderful this time of year. look at this beautiful display. ah! they are just like ready for you. when you buy them, selection is very important. let's talk about selection. come here. see the center right here? it's got to be nice and tight and this right here when you squeeze it, here are the chokes. when you hear the chokes, that means it's nice and fresh. when you bring them home, in the refrigerator right away. that sweet nutty flavor of the central coast chokes are the best. sometimes in the market you're going to see a little bit of discoloration here called frost kiss. that's when the fog comes into the growing areas, kisses the artichokes, and goes back out. actually enhances the flavor. and i'm tony tantillo and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. always remember, give a little
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squeeze. squeaky fresh. taking a look at the big board now see how the market's doing, the dow is down 5. >> not a big deal. not so bad. walmart is seeing a slump in profits and a recent pay hike for its employees partly to blame. walmart raised minimum wage for workers last month to $9 an hour. the company also blamed lower food prices and drop in international revenue. a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline, 888-5-helps- u. volunteers are there right now.
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visit to make sure your child is protected. coming up at 5:00 bay area students saw they're shamed for wearing skimpy clothes. they say it's sexist. >> what's wrong with that? >> we agree up like that. >> welcome to the
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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